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By Kate Rossin

Dates: Monday 12th November – Monday 28th January (10 weeks/ 2 wk break for xmas)

Time: 6.30pm -9pm

Cost: £85

Learn how to take, develop and print your own film photographs. During this introductory course Kate will talk you through the different working areas of the darkroom and guide you through processing film and using the enlargers to make your first print. You will also be shown how to load 35mm/ medium format film, how to expose your film correctly along with guidance on film and lens choices. You should ideally have your own 35mm/medium format film camera though we do have a few you can borrow if needs be. Paper, chemicals and a roll of black and white film will be provided. Further rolls of film can be purchased separately. It is recommended that you don’t wear your best clothes as darkroom chemicals can stain. For a full outline of the course please get in touch. A summary of what we will cover is below:

Week 1: Using the darkroom and light sensitive materials.

Week 2:  Choosing film and exposure

Week 3: Developing your film

Week 4. Printing your own images

Week 5. Getting the most out of your SLR

Week 6: Developing & Printing

Week 7: How to improve your composition

Week 8: Developing & Printing

Week 9: Developing & Printing

Week 10: Course review.

(Maximum of 5 participants)