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Our Darkroom is fitted out with 5 Durst enlargers, each set up to take both 35mm and medium format film. We also have a DeVere 504 for large format printing. Each station is equipped with everything you need to print. All chemicals are provided as part of your  membership and are carefully mixed by our technicians. Enlargers can be booked in advance if weekly or monthly passes are purchased. You will need to provide your own paper but we do stock a small amount of Ilford RC in our shop. If you would like any further info about the developers we use please get in touch.

Our main studio is equipped with a Natgraph screen printing table as well as an exposure unit that can take up 30″x40″ screens. We have a separate washout booth and membership gives you access to screens, emulsion and some inks. We require all members to have some experience screen printing before working independently in the studio. If you have never screen printed before or just need a refresher our intro workshop runs every other week.



STUDENT MEMBERSHIP £30 (full time students only)

SESSION FEE: £14 (3hrs) Students £12

WEEKLY FEE: £30 (5 days) Students £25

MONTHLY FEE: £60 (3 month minimum)